Individual First Aid Kits

Individual First Aid Kits

Is your KIT ready? Are you ready? Have you thought about the possibility of actually having to use your KIT? If not, you should… immediately!

You aren’t “kitted” up for fun, there is obviously some form of a direct or indirect threat in your immediate area of operations. Wether that threat be an active shooter situation, a barricaded person, warrant service or whatever the case may be there is something that told you to put on that extra layer of protection.

tactical first aid kit

So now consider what your kit is comprised of. Are you running level iii steel plates, maybe our SPARTAN ARMOR SYSTEMS AR500 SHOOTER’S CUT PACKAGE? Or did you upgrade to the level IV package by building your own kit? Either way you made the right first step by selecting one of our quality armor packages paired with a MOLLE plate carrier your getting there, but did you remember to grab a couple of pouches or HSGI TACOs for extra ammo? Better yet did you remember to grab an IFAK?

ROE Tactical has over 35 years of combined military and law enforcement experience, including several combat tours, Emergency Medical Technician certifications, Military Advanced Life Saving courses, hands on combat experience, and Tactical Medic courses. Our team at ROE Tactical has designed an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) solution for most penetration trauma events one could experience in their area of operations.

The kit itself is pre-stocked with the essentials needed in a critical incident. We tested and researched several varieties of products that can be used in these types of situations to come up with a best “bang for your buck”, hemorrhage controlling life saving piece of gear that is a must have for any war fighter, law enforcement officer or responsible armed citizen in today’s climate.

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