Buying a Gun Online: Easier than you thought.

Buying a Gun Online: Easier than you thought.

Buying a gun online is a simple, pain free process. Not only is it easy, but it is completely legal, as long as you follow a few simple steps. Just remember, you WILL still have to go into a store, and fill out the ATF Form 4473, but you will already know they have exactly what you want. There is no worrying about inventory and availability. The gun you selected will be waiting for you when you are ready.

Step 1: Selecting your Gun

Buying a gun online is as simple as choosing the exact gun you are looking for. Make sure that it is the right caliber, length, magazine capacity, finish, etc… It is no different than standing at the counter and pointing at the one you want, except you cant hold it online. Make sure you select a gun that is legal in your state, ROE Tactical will attempt to verify that the gun selected is legal in your state. But, ultimately you are responsible for knowing the laws of your state.

If there are modifications that need to be made to the firearm in order to make it State Compliant contact us prior to finalizing your purchase. Once you have selected your gun, added any accessories that you want or need, you are ready to checkout. Go thru the checkout process and finish up using your shipping and billing address. Add a note with the name of the FFL, and their address and email address if you are not using ROE Tactical.

Step 2: Receiving your Gun

Due to federal regulations the firearm you have just selected can not be shipped to your home address. It has to be shipped to an Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. Local customers to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, can make arrangements to pickup their firearm from ROE Tactical. Otherwise, select a local FFL and we can ship it to them so you can complete the transfer. This dealer will make sure you complete the required paperwork in order to take possession of you new firearm.

Most dealers will charge a nominal fee for this service. (ROE Tactical charges $25 to complete a transfer of a firearm not purchased thru us.) Once you have selected a local FFL dealer to finalize the transfer please have them e-mail a signed copy of their FFL to Once we have that we will arrange for shipping to them, and you will schedule the time to pickup your firearm with them. Please coordinate with the FFL of your choosing prior to asking us to ship a firearm. No one likes an unwanted surprise when buying a gun online.

Please note that delays in getting us the appropriate paperwork from the FFL of your choice will delay your being able to receive your firearm.

Step 3: Picking Up your Gun

You’ve gone thru all the steps of buying a gun online, now you are ready to pick it up. You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number once your gun has shipped. Once your firearm shows delivered give the FFL a chance to get it processed in before just showing up. Most FFLs that we work with will be ready to transfer your gun on the next business day. Once you have made arrangements be prepared to fill out the ATF form 4473, and provide the required State Identification. Once you have done the paperwork, and been cleared you walk out the proud owner of a new firearm.

Stay Safe out there – and if you can’t be safe be deadly.

For more information about ROE Tactical’s transfer policy, please see our FFL Information.

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