Numbered Magazines

Numbered Magazines

The other day, we posted a photo to our Instagram that ended up having an excellent question posed to it. Why the numbers? Well there are a few different reasons that we use numbered magazines.

Reason One:

First of all we run multiple different Glock platforms in our shop. Numbering your magazine will give you a quick and easy reference for what platform it belongs to. This will also immediately tell you what caliber round is in that magazine. The numbered magazine system that we use helps prevent that “oh shit” moment of placing the wrong mag in the wrong weapon system.

I know we’ve all seen the videos/pictures of the folks who have confused their 300 AAC Blackout rounds for their .223/5.56 rounds. No one wants to be “that guy”, unless you are cool with going “viral” for a #fail.

Reason Two:

Secondly, numbered magazines will help you keep track of problem magazines. How many times have you been on the range and had a failure to feed issue, drop, tap, rack, bang? Only to go back at the end of the course of fire to pick up your empties and not know which magazine was the problem child? Well with numbered magazines this becomes less of a problem. For example, if magazine number 9 keeps causing issues you know that is the magazine you need to pull. Take it out of your kit, tear it apart, clean it, put it back together and test it. Number 9 still giving you issues? No problem rotate into your training only set, or replace it. No more guess work.

Reason Three:

Numbered magazines can help you quickly keep track of how many magazine, and how many rounds you have loaded for a particular weapon system.

Reason Four:

Last, but definitely not least, when your magazines are numbered you know which ones are yours. Ever been on a range line with more than one person using the same gun? Or a range line with everyone dropping Glock Magazines? If your magazines are not numbered I can personally guarantee that they will get mixed up at least once during the course of fire.

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