Step up your EDC – It’s called everyday for a reason.

Step up your EDC – It’s called everyday for a reason.

What is EDC?

Everyday Carry – literally the essentials. The items that you find yourself day in and day out picking up and taking with you. What is your EDC?

Everyone seems to have a different version of everyday carry (EDC). And that is fine, to be honest in my opinion it is less about what you carry, and more about what you can do with what you carry. Over the years I have also found that I have several levels of carry. I find myself catering what I wear to what I need to be carrying. Not the other way around.

EDC Shoes?

Here in Texas we find that it gets hot, very hot, so flip flops/sandals are pretty much a staple. But, what I have found over the years and thru experience is that they are not the best EDC items. Especially if you start to consider SHTF scenarios. What if you have to chase, evade, jump or even physically defend yourself? Is your footwear going to hinder you? Is going barefoot the best idea? These questions should make you consider switching to a closed toe shoe for your everyday carry.

EDC Belt?

Secondly, you will need a good EDC belt. Since I started carrying on a daily basis almost 15 years ago now I have gone thru my fair share of belts. Some have been absolutely horrible and only lasted a few days, others have lasted me years. Recently one of my favorite EDC belts had to be retired so I have been on the search for my new everyday carry belt. One of our sales staff here has been wearing the HSGI 1.5″ Riggers belts for years now, so he let me borrow his.

Besides coming to the realization that he has a smaller waist than I do, I really like the belt, and will be getting one more appropriately sized for me. The HSGI EDC belt, or Tactical Cobra Belt is by far one of our favorite belts on the market. A battle proven tactical belt, utilizing the Cobra Buckle on 1.5″ web is perfect for daily wear. This belt will fit in at the office, on the range, or even in the field. It has excellent stiffness and rigidity which prevents the weight of your holsters, gun, magazines, and magazine pouches from “rolling” the belt. It’s available in sizes Small thru 2XL. Check out the entire line of High Speed Gear in our shop.

EDC Gun?

The everyday carry gun is really a matter of personal preference. There are a large number of variables that play into what gun you should pick for your EDC. How and were you choose to carry it will also help determine which gun is the best fit for you.

I have two guns that are currently in my daily carry rotation. I carry a Glock 43 with our +3 Taran Tactical Innovations base pads a majority of the time. The other gun is a Glock 19 Gen 4 with the Taran Tactical Innovations Glock 19/23 Base Pads, an Agency Arms Magwell, and the Zev Dimpled Barrel. I have also recently found that I have been keeping a “Truck Gun”. Currently my truck gun is a custom built Spike’s Crusader 300 AAC blackout.

Are you interested in a truck gun? ROE Tactical can help, as a type 07 FFL we are capable of building a rifle or AR platform pistol that fits your exact needs. You can also look for a new partnership between Lone Star Armory and ROE Tactical. Contact a sales rep for a custom quote today:

EDC Knife?

Do you carry a knife with you as much as you carry a gun? If not you should consider adding a good blade to your everyday carry. As a full line Hogue Knife Dealer we can assist you in finding the perfect knife even if you do not see the one you want on our website, that includes the RSR and Moteng exclusive knives. For my EDC I am currently carrying the 3.5″ Hogue X5 Wharncliffe Blade. I went with the Wharncliffe Blade because it is a more general utility type knife with a nice flat cutting surface, yet maintains a decent point. This knife has proven to be a superb pocket knife for everyday carry.

EDC Medical Kit?

The everyday carry med-kit is something that we have seen overlooked time and time again. At bare minimum you should be carrying a tourniquet with your EDC kit.  Frankly, we recommend a full pocket med-pouch. As a sheepdog in today’s society you never know when you will be called on to act in defense of yourself or others. Do not allow yourself to be caught without something to stop the bleeding. ROE Tactical is working with North American Rescue to design a pocket medical kit for everyday carry. Keep checking back with us for more information.

EDC Flashlight?

Low light situations happen all the time, and the old adage of don’t be caught in the dark applies even more true to life or death situations. When SHTF in the dark; you need to be able to illuminate your target. The best medium sized flashlight that we have found for this purpose is the Surefire P2X Furry. A dual output LED light with 15 lumens on low, and 600 lumens on high this lights will provide you perfectly focused light every time. It weighs less than 6oz with batteries, and is less than 5.5″ making it perfect for your EDC needs.

Or you can step it up even a notch higher with the 1000 lumen STREAMLIGHT PROTAC HL-X. A programmable tactical light that accepts multiple power sources to reduce down time.

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