FrogLube – Don’t just Clean, Lubricate, and Protect

FrogLube – Don’t just Clean, Lubricate, and Protect

If you were a museum curator you wouldn’t just use any old product to protect the collection that was placed in your charge. So why then why would you not want to protect you firearms collection with the best stuff out there? We have been privileged to be a FrogLube dealer for just about a year now. But, over the past few months we have really learned what this stuff can do.

FrogLube - Frog Tube

FrogLube – Not just CLP – a Full Weapons Maintenance System

The entire FrogLube line has been designed as a system of cleaners and lubricants that all work together. This system is designed to comply with most standard firearm operating instructions. Including those provided in the Military Small Arms Manuals (Field Manuals), NRA Instructor Guides and even the manufactures Operating Instructions. The FrogLube system was made by shooters, for shooters. It consist of premium bio-based solvents and lubricants. Used together enhances the full operational spectrum of your weapon system.

When FrogLube says that it was made by shooters, it’s not just talking about your normal everyday shooter. It’s talking about true professionals, in fact it was formed in 2009 by former and active duty Navy SEALs.  These foremost weapons and operational experts are still an active part of FrogLube today, and continue to develop, test and quality control the product. The complete weapons maintenance system meets the rigorous specifications of these warfighters.

Why FrogLube?

Using FrogLube systems of solvents, cleaners and lubricants will reduce residues, friction and heat buildup in your weapon systems. By getting you away from the petroleum based formulas seen in other manufactures. This system gives you less fouling, and ultimately a better operating firearm that you can depend on.

To a SEAL, his laboratory is “the field.” The field is where a small group of us developed FrogLube for one primary purpose: to protect our teammates from the most significant concern during a firefight, Failure of Equipment. In the past two years since we’ve been shooting our guns treated with FrogLube, the issues of malfunctions, stoppages, and jams due to the fouling have been virtually eliminated. All the other benefits of FrogLube are tremendous, but secondary to lives depending on functioning firearms.  ~CAPT Larry Lasky, US Navy SEAL (Ret) {Feb. 2013}

Utilizing a proprietary formula that consist of bio-based food grade material designed specifically for today’s operating and care requirements. The Frog Lube products provide a tangible and immediate enhancement to your weapons system. From the day you switch you will see a succession of benefits that build on each other.

We all know that weapons maintenance is MANDATORY to the proper care and function of our guns, so having a gun care product is not optional. So in addition to the friction reduction and corrosion resistance you are accustomed to add a few more. The FrogLube bio-based/food grade combination adds non-flammability, non-toxicity, anti-oxidation, non-hazardous, de-carbonizing, all-temperature performance and long lasting durability to this list.

What makes FrogLube different?

The ONLY 100% bio-based, food grade ingredients are used to produce FrogLube products. Making it the only bio-based degreasing system and lubricant combo available in the firearms industry. These formulas have been tried and tested in just about every field, range and competition environment you could think of. And it’s the elite shooters that were asked to test the product that are now using FrogLube’s weapons maintenance system.

This weapon cleaning kit was developed from real world experience. Not in a sterile lab environment that produces unrealistic field scenarios. Plus, a lab can not predict what you will actually encounter in the field.

With the use of bio-based products and not petroleum based products FrogLube does not leave that unwanted residue that just gunks up your gun. It has been empirically tested and evaluated time and time again. Using scenarios to cover every conceivable temperature, moisture, air mass velocity, density altitude and ballistic variable encountered in the field. The FrogLube system is an active enhancement that works to meet or exceed the firearms manufacturer’s stated operating specifications and precisely adheres to all instructions and operating manuals. By eliminating variance, true professionals realize that consistency will translate into improved shooting performance.

How to use FrogLube:

First and Foremost always follow the manufactures instructions for you specific firearm.

FrogLube is safe for use, and will cause no harm on the following surfaces: Stainless steel, Chrome, NP3, NiB, Titanium, Aluminum, Robar, Cerakote, Durakote and painted surfaces.

Weapons Maintenance DOD Warning Box

Follow the recommended procedures and you will see a dramatic reduction in maintenance time. As well as a reduction in how often you are cleaning your firearm. That is of course unless having a better running gun lets you shoot more. But, in the long run you will find that following these steps will increase the life of your firearm.

When used in accordance with these instructions you will find that FrogLube delivers a slick and slippery finish that shoots dry, wicks to the surface when warmed and dissolves carbon on contact.

What Should I use to clean my gun?

FrogLube recommends you utilize any standard cleaning tools you have been using. Use your nylon brushes, bore patches and brushes, q-tips, bore snakes and cloths.  Because FrogLube is 100% bio-based, you can select premium grade cloth which can be laundered. So, FrogLube saves you money by allowing you to wash and dry your cleaning materials for reuse!

Preparing my Firearm for cleaning:

Step one in every weapons maintenance system, no matter what you use, is ensure you are handling a safe and unloaded weapon system. Always remember to treat every weapon as if it were loaded, even when you know that it is not.

  1. Your new weapon is likely factory-treated with a lubricant or protectant of a petro-chemical substance or you may have used a petrochemical or other substances on your weapon.
  2. For your first application; for best performance, it is preferred to remove any petroleum fouling or residue from your weapon using FrogLube Solvent™ prior to applying FrogLube.
  3. It’s best to clean ALL surfaces with FrogLube cleaning products – FrogLube cleaners do not leave a residue.
  4. NOTE: You should discontinue the use of petrochemical-based cleaners and lubricants since they negate the optimal effects of a FrogLube-treated weapon.


General Cleaning:

Use FrogLube Solvent

• Remove ‘heavy’ grease or stubborn fouling with nylon brush and/or shop towels.
• Apply generous amount of FrogLube Solvent using brush, towels or spray applicator.
• Allow 1-3 min. to activate full cleaning action.
• Agitate/scrub surface with nylon brush, towel or cleaning tool. You may notice a slight foaming on surface.
• Wipe off with microfiber towel, patches or paper towels to remove all moisture.

Note: If you prefer, you may use compressed air to blow off excess until dry.

Heat: Solvent is non-flammable and may be used in conjunction with a heated ultrasonic or cleaning tank. Check with manufacturers instructions for compatibility and user instructions. Test cleaning performance at 3 min. intervals.
Surface should now be clean, dry and ready for lube/protectant application.

Heavy Fouling or Significant Cleaning Requirements:

Use FrogLube Super Degreaser:

Dilution schedule. You may dilute FrogLube Super Degreaser with water.

Heavy duty: full strength
Medium duty: 5:1
Light duty: 10:1

• Remove ‘heavy’ grease or stubborn fouling with nylon brush and/or shop towels.
• Apply generous amount of FrogLube Super Degreaser using brush, towels or spray applicator.
• Allow 1-3 min. to activate full cleaning action.
• Agitate/scrub surface with nylon brush, towel or cleaning tool. You may notice a slight foaming on surface.
• Wipe off with microfiber towel, patches or paper towels to remove all moisture.
Note: If you prefer, you may use compressed air to blow off excess until dry.

• If you detect minor ‘soapy’ film, or want to ensure the complete removal of all residues, flush parts with fresh water rinse then dry.

Note 1: Heat tanks or Ultrasonic cleaning tanks. Super Degreaser is non-flammable and may be used in conjunction with a heated ultrasonic or cleaning tank. Check with manufacturers instructions for compatibility and user instructions. Test cleaning performance at 3 min. intervals.

Note 2: FrogLube Super Degreaser is recommended when switching from petroleum based firearms care products.


  1. Pre-clean using above procedure with FrogLube Solvent or FrogLube Super Degreaser.
  2. For best results, apply to a clean and dry surface.
  3. Apply FrogLube and allow time to absorb. (heat quickens the rate of absorption)
  4. Scrub, agitate, and wipe off excess. Normal cleaning tools such as nylon brushes, patches, wipes and towels are sufficient.
  5. Lubricate per manufacturers instruction. FrogLube will work dry or wet. Note: In hot/dusty or extreme cold, follow manufacturers directions for use in extreme environmental conditions.
  6. If storing, apply a light coat for long term protection.

Long Term Care

Heat: Although not required, you will find that 15 min of direct sunlight or equivalent allows for thorough application of FrogLube. When the surface is warmed, the rate of FrogLube absorption is increased.

The FrogLube System Approach:

The combination of the Solvent and the CLP will provide the best result.  The two products were designed to integrate and provide the optimal performance from your firearm.

Harsh exposures:

For more demanding conditions, such as salt water, humidity or long-term storage, we recommend a light to moderate coat of FrogLube on parts. Product is applied slightly more generously, and you should still see the metal surface through a gloss or thin film of the material.

Subsequent Cleaning and Re-application

FrogLube testing has demonstrated unmatched reliability through thousands of rounds of firing without cleaning; however, most manufacturers will recommend inspecting and cleaning after every use.

  1. If you get ‘build-up’ due to lack of cleaning, and you sustain sluggish performance, do a field strip and a generous application of FrogLube Solvent to all parts and spaces. You will find amazing cleaning results and this should normally return the firearm to peak operating performance.
  2. After long term storage, you should do a field strip, clean and inspect. Reapply the CLP to preference.
  3. In the event the firearm is over lubricated, perform a thorough cleaning with Solvent; this will remove excess lubricant in and inside the firearm spaces.

For the One-Shot Shooters: Hunters/Snipers


Do a detail clean/strip with generous amount of solvent. Wipe off excess with microfiber towels.

Apply heat per instruction above.

  • Apply a generous coating of CLP to desired friction points. Scrub with cleaning brushes and allow to absorb.
  • Wipe dry with microfiber towels.
  • Lube as desired.


  • Scrub internal bore surface with generous amount of solvent using nylon bore brush and/or wet patch, followed by dry patches until clean and dry.
  • Repeat this step until patches reveal little to no fouling. Vigorous friction applied to surfaces increases cleaning performance.
  • Run a saturated FrogLube CLP patch to ‘season’ the barrel surface followed by 3-5 dry patches.
Observation: High quality barrels will maintain stable shot group deviation for 80-100 rds between cleanings.


Download the FrogLube Gun Care Manual.

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