Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

I find myself like most other watching the news.  Seeing the many photos and videos coming out of the aftermath of this disaster.  Having grown up in Houston seeing the places that I used to visit regularly as lakes has been very humbling. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is going to be felt for years and years to come, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones, their homes, and lives both literal and figuratively.

August 24 – Hurricane Harvey

As expected Harvey has intensified into a Hurricane (35973025253).jpgBy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA – As expected Harvey has intensified into a Hurricane, Public Domain, Link

My family decided to shelter in place, and so far has been fortunate that they have stayed relatively dry. Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey has left many other families not so fortunate. The response from the community of Texans that we live in has been overwhelming and impressive. Early numbers are saying that first responders have performed over 13,000 various rescues during the aftermath of this disaster. So, while social media is busy questioning Ivanka Trump’s choice in shoes for a disaster area. We want to focus on the hundreds of sheepdogs that have volunteered to assist in the recovery efforts.

Several of our sheepdog friends have headed down to Houston with the Fort Worth Police Officers Association and we have wished them God Speed and Safe Travels.

Photo Courtesy of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association

If you are interested in learning how you can help with the relief effort and want to make sure your funds are used for good and not some jackass’s financial gain check out the TMPA Web Site. Here at ROE Tactical we are in the process of coordinating enough fuel cleaner for about 40,000 gallons of fuel. This joint project is an effort to assist Houston Police and surrounding agencies to save some of their vehicles that have been flooded out.

Disaster Preparedness Month – September

For some this is not just a month, but a lifestyle. And honestly most of us do not put enough thought into the basic needs for ourselves and our immediate family. I know that if our families were in Houston for this disaster we probably would not have been as prepared as we could have been. So I want to take a brief moment and remind everyone to check your SHTF plan. Check your supplies, and make sure that when mother nature, or otherwise strikes you are ready. Make sure that your family is ready. Remember to be prepared, be safe, or be deadly.

Be on the look out for specials coming out in the next couple of days on all of our Emergency Preparedness Packs from Wise Foods.


*The Featured Photo is courtesy of Crazy Horse Ranch and was taken during the middle of standard Rush Hour times on I-10 which usually is jammed pack with commuters going to and from.

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