Bump Fire Stocks

Bump Fire Stocks

Early this month we saw another tragedy, the massacre in Las Vegas, NV on the night of October 1, 2017 will live in infamy. A lone shooter, or multiple shooters, or giant conspiracy depending on what new source, friend, or internet sight you listen to decided to open fire with a bump fire stock on a crowd of 22,000+ concert goers. Tragically injuring 500+ and killing at least 58. I’m not here to debate the legitimacy of this event, or circumstances leading up to it or after it. What I am going to talk briefly about however is his use of the bump-fire stock.

What is a Bump Fire Stock?

First of all this ACCESSORY even according to one of the manufactures website (SlideFire) is “entertaining”. That is it folks. This was designed as a way for folks to simulate the “thrill” of fully-automatic fire without all the red tape, bureaucracy and waiting that is involved in the purchase of a pre-ban machine gun. It is a patented technology that is/was approved by the ATF as legal where firearms are legal. Despite what you may have heard, believe or whatever this ACCESSORY does not make your weapon system fully automatic. There is still a manual motion that the shooter must perform in order to fire the weapon, it will not do it just by a single pull of the trigger such as in a true automatic weapon system.

In fact if you have every watched a video of one of these Bump Fire Stocks in motion you will see that a majority of people can not even stay on their sights, let alone the gun. With a bump fire stock there is no aiming, it is a novelty waste of rounds.

Why the “Bump Fire” Controversy?

As many of you know the liberal left, specifically Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), has as expected issued her call for action to support additional gun control. This particular bill that has been introduced ” To prohibit the possession or transfer of certain firearm accessories, and for other purposes.” Ok, I get it the left is still pissed off about loosing the election, so why not politicize the tragic events of Las Vegas and make a run at getting gun control. This is politics after all, that is what they do. And what better scape goat for a mass murder, than a weapon accessory. It’s not like the guy that actually pulled, or in this case slid the trigger did anything. But, honestly who really cares if they ban an accessory that is simply for novelty purposes anyways? You should, and not because they are banning a novelty, but because it is a gateway to other bans.

Why the Bump Fire Bill is Bad:

First of all, we don’t sell the Bump Fire, SlideFire, or whatever else you want to call it at our store. We personally feel that this particular accessory does not enhance the reliability, accuracy or intention of the shooters weapons system, so it doesn’t have a home here. If you want a Bump Fire for novelty purposes then more power to you, but it is truly just that, a novelty. It should come with a giant sticker that says for entertainment purposes only. But, I digress.. back to the bill that Sen Feinstein is attempting to capitalize on the tragedy with.

Problem #1:

This bill calls for the retroactive banning of all legally purchased and owned:

…trigger crank,a bump-fire device, or any part, combination of parts,component, device, attachment, or accessory that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun.

I’m no expert on the constitution, but last I checked you can not make it illegal to own something that you legally purchased retroactively. And if you can, can you imagine that gaggle of trying to enforce it?

Problem #2, the bigger issue:

For Problem #2, take a minute and re-read the wording of the bill and let the words sink in. Now, I want you to focus on the last half of that statement, ANY … that is designed or function to accelerate the rate of fire… Chew on that for a second. So now that that has sunk in a little bit, I want you to stretch your imagination and think like a liberal for a second. What does that mean to you? Does it include lighter triggers? Does it included binary triggers? What does it include? Can you expand it to mean any variety of things when you have a more amenable White House? Yes, unfortunately you can. The vague words here are just too much.

What can you do about this?

Whether you support the bump fire stock as a legitimate accessory for firearms or not. Want to see the ban take affect or not. Supporting this version of the bill is absolutely asinine. The Sen Feinstein bill is overreaching, and overbearing. The second amendment is not your own personal agenda Senator, it is an engrained portion of the CONSTITUTION of the United States. The very document that you swore to support and defend when you took office, or are we so quick to forget when it doesn’t meet our agenda?



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