AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit

No matter what kind of sheepdog you are, serving our communities at home and risking your life abroad is serious. You need to be able to protect yourself in life or death situations. You better be ready to be safe or be deadly. The AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit is crucial for scenarios that call for a lower profile than your standard plate carrier.

ROE Tactical provides tactical equipment for sheepdogs serving at home or overseas. As sheepdogs ourselves, we understand that body armor could be the difference between life and death. Here is a look at the AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit we have available to purchase as well as its contents and features.

The AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit includes:

  • Extreme Concealment Platform (ECP)
  • Level III AR500 Single Curve Plates with a choice of the base coat or upgraded Full Coat Frag Mitigation Process

With the Extreme Concealment Platform and Level III AR500 Single Curve Plates, you are sure to be prepared for tough situations. With the plates, you have the option for a base coat or a full coat frag mitigation coating. We also offer a range of colors for the vest. Vests are available in black, multicam, coyote tan, and OD green.

Product Details

ECP Plate Carrier Features

  • The ultimate in SPT (standard penetration test) low-profile plate carrier performance
  • Bottom load front and back SPT plate supports SAPI (small arms protective insert) cut plates
  • 4” Fully adjustable elastic cummerbund
  • 2” Low profile shoulder adjustment
  • Velcro for information such as Name, ID, blood type, etc.
  • 500 D DURABLE construction

Level III AR500 Single Curve Plates

  • Level III Certified Protection
  • Base Coat Corrosion Protection
  • Upgrade to Full Frag Mitigation Coating

Upgrading to the full frag mitigation coating will provide valuable protection from projectiles that can fragment and ricochet on steel body armor. Without the coating, bullet fragments have the potential of bouncing into your legs, arms, neck and head. These injuries can be life threatening so it is often worth the upgrade.

Get Body Armor From ROE Tactical

If you are not prepared for a mission, you might as well be prepared to fail. ROE Tactical offers a range of products to prepare you for life or death situations. Currently serving as sheepdogs in our community, as well as veterans that currently use the gear we sell, we trust our lives with it. Place your order for the AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit here.