Best Plate Carriers

As a police officer or any member of the military, it is important to be equipped with the right apparel for the job. Bullet-resistant vests are among the most important pieces of equipment because of the protection they provide. While no vest can be guaranteed to be entirely “bulletproof” like in the movies, ballistic-resistant impact technology has evolved significantly in the last decade. Additionally, modern plate armor is comparatively lightweight and allows you to maintain mobility and range of motion. Finding the best plate carriers for your line of work is important.

At ROE Tactical, our focus is on providing the best gear for law enforcement and private citizens. Our company was established by combat veterans who continue to serve as police officers. That’s why we understand the importance of having the proper equipment when on the job. Read on for more information about bullet proof vests and the best plate carriers.

Plate Carrier Vest

The design of a plate carrier vest is different than a Kevlar vest or bullet proof vest because it is designed to carry ceramic plates for added protection against rifle fire. Typically, soft armor is effective at resisting handgun rounds, but there are many situations that call for armor plates to provide protection from larger-caliber rifle rounds.

A plate carrier vest can carry ceramic and poly plates in order to protect the body’s core from a variety of ballistic impacts. With a vest, you can put in plates that are constructed to stop bullets and distribute ballistic energy in a non-lethal manner. Plates come at a Level III or IV rating according to the rounds they can resist.

Ceramic Body Armor Plates

While plates are often constructed from a variety of materials, the most common are plates made from ceramic. Ceramic plates have been used since the beginning of plate development. These types of plates provide effective protection that can handle heavy ammunition. These plates allow vests to stop the bullet and hold it within the plate.

Steel Armor Plates 

For the highest level of ballistic impact-resistance, steel armor plates are the way to go. While somewhat heavier and bulkier, these plates have been treated to resist higher-caliber rifle rounds and repel shrapnel from the body’s core. Be sure to carefully consult the product details to make sure you find the right plate carrier to accommodate this type of armor.

Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are handy pieces of equipment that are designed to be worn with an armored carrier. A chest rig allows for extra carrier space for mags, first aid kits, and any other tools that are helpful when you are on duty. It is important to find a rig with well sized pouches and that offers safety and durability.

Multicam Plate Carrier

Multicam is a Crye Precision camouflage pattern that is designed for a wide range of conditions. A multicam plate carrier uses this pattern to give you more coverage in natural environments. These types of plate carriers still provide excellent protection from gunfire while also allowing you to match a multicam uniform.

Get Plate Carriers From ROE Tactical

If you are ready to find the best plate carriers for your missions, ROE Tactical has a great selection. As mentioned before, we know the importance of tactical gear and having the right protection when on the job. That’s why we provide high quality equipment. Take a look at our selection of plate carriers or give us a call at 972.885.9003!