Body Armor Types

Having the proper protection for tough jobs is important. Whatever situation you may find yourself in that may involve weapons, you are going to need the right body armor for the situation you are in. Finding the perfect military or police grade armor will keep you protected when needed. It is important to know what options are available for body armor.

At ROE Tactical, we are focused on providing body armor, firearms, firearm accessories, illumination tools, edged weapons/tools, and apparel. Our products deliver quality protection to police officers, soldiers, and citizens. For those interested in learning more about their options, here is a look at the different body armor types we have available.

“Bullet Proof” Vests

The term “Bullet proof vest” is essentially another way to say body armor. This term is commonly heard in movies and popular media. The truth, however, is that no system is perfect or completely “bulletproof.” These types of vests are designed to absorb and dissociate the impact energy from bullets so that they don’t penetrate your body. Body armor is now routinely used by law enforcement and military to provide protection from shooting situations that could put their lives at risk. There are many different types of options to wear protective armor.

The vest is worn around the torso because it provides protection for the most vital portions of the body. These vests allow for optimal movement and comfort to stay mobile while in action. Vests are non-intrusive so all necessary physical actions can still be performed while on the job. Here are some of the options people have for body armor:

Kevlar Vest

A Kevlar vest is the lightest form of body armor: it’s a lightweight vest made out of layers of Kevlar, a synthetic fiber that provides five times the tensile strength of steel by weight.

Back in the 1970’s there was a study done to determine if Kevlar vests could be worn by law enforcement daily. Because the basic kevlar vest is so lightweight, it can be worn for longer periods of time even in hot climates, so officers could easily use these vests every day. To protect against sidearms, Kelvar-based vests are an effective and comparatively comfortable type of body armor for those working as officers daily.

Military Body Armor

This type of body armor is designed to exceed the expectations of Military and Private Military operators. Here, the armor will come in the form of a “plate carrier” with either ceramic or steel inserts depending on level of protection needed– read more about types of inserts here. This type of armor is built with action in mind. It is adjustable and cut to provide the ideal mix of mobility and protection against not only sidearms, but rifle rounds as well. This type of armor is the best option for high threat active shooter situations and counter terrorism direct actions.

Concealable Body Armor

Sometimes, a more discreet body armor solution is needed for certain types of jobs. A variety of levels of soft body armor (read more about different levels here) are available with a lower-profile design. They are specifically designed with smooth surfaces so that protection can be worn underneath clothing. This type of armor is ideal if you’re in a private protection detail or undercover situation. When a job calls for being discreet, it is important to utilize concealable body armor.

Body Armor Solutions From ROE Tactical

If you are looking for high-quality body armor solutions that will be the right fit for your job, you don’t need to look any further than ROE Tactical. We provide all body armor types that can be used for law enforcement and military. If you’d like to see our products, click here or give us a call at 972.885.9003 to speak with us today!