Concealment Armor Carrier For Spartan Armor Systems

Sheepdogs are risking their lives for the safety of our communities. Knowing the risks, they need to be prepared to be safe or be deadly. Preparation involves finding the right tactical body armor for the scenarios a situation calls for. Concealable armor options are great for scenarios that call for a lower profile than your standard plate carrier.

ROE Tactical provides sheepdogs with the tactical equipment they require while serving overseas or at home. Body armor is crucial to saving your life in a life or death situation. As sheepdogs ourselves, we understand the need for high quality body armor. Here is a look at the Concealment Armor Carrier for Spartan Armor Systems.

About the Concealment Armor Carrier

The extreme concealment platform provides minimalist features to be worn discreetly under your shirt. The plate carrier will fit IIIA and semi-flexible armor. The vest adjusts for a tight comfortable fit. Sheepdogs on missions that call for discreet protection can utilize this vest. They can also order a set of plates for a lightweight kit.

Velcro attachments allow for certain types of information to be available on your vest. You can attach a name, ID, and blood type to your vest in case of serious injury. This adds another layer of security in emergency situations that allow for medical treatment and emergency contacts.

Product Details

  • The ultimate in SPT (standard penetration test) low-profile plate carrier performance
  • Bottom load front and back SPT plate supports SAPI (small arms protective insert) cut plates
  • 4” Fully adjustable elastic cummerbund
  • 2” Low profile shoulder adjustment
  • Velcro for information such as Name, ID, blood type, etc.
  • 500 D DURABLE construction

This vest can be customized to fit your needs. You can pick between colors and sizes. Colors come in black, multicam, coyote tan, and OD green. Sizing comes in one size fits most and XL. One size fits most allows for 10×12 Spartan Plates. XL fits 11×14 Spartan Plates.

Purchase Concealment Armor Carriers From ROE Tactical

If you are preparing for a mission, be sure to look through the ROE Tactical store to get the right equipment. We are currently serving as sheepdogs in our community and use the gear we sell. In fact, we trust our lives to it. If you’d like to purchase concealment armor carriers, be sure to see our selection here.