Level IV Kit By Spartan Armor Systems

As a sheepdog, you understand that your life is on the line when you are protecting your community both at home and abroad. If you serve in our communities at home, risk your life abroad, or just want to protect yourself, adding armor to your kit is essential. When a scenario calls for it, you need to be able to equip yourself to be safe or be deadly.

ROE Tactical is invested in the sheepdogs serving our communities. We provide body armor that is essential when in a life or death situation. In order to protect yourself and get home to your family when the day is done, it is key to find the body armor solution that fits your needs. Here is a look at the Level IV Kit by Spartan Armor Systems that we have available in our store.

Armor Packages

This kit provides Level IV resistance and is paired with the Spartan Lightweight Armor Plate Carrier. It is the perfect vest for any situation where there is a potential of a high caliber threat. These rifle-rated plates are constructed from a ceramic inner core and wrapped with a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

With these plates, you are far less susceptible to damage versus using standard ceramic plates. When the situation calls for this level of protection, it is crucial you have the equipment available to you. If you are not prepared for a situation, you might as well be prepared to fail. Often, body armor is the only thing between you and a bullet.

Product Description

  • Level IV Ceramic Spartan Armor 10×12
  • Spartan Lightweight Armor Plate Carrier
  • Available in black, coyote tan, OD green
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Rated under NIJ0101.06

Level IV is rated to defeat 30-06 M2 AP from just 15 meters. These plates are lab certified to defeat this particular threat. The Level IV Spartan Armor is perfect for law enforcement officers and anyone who could potentially face high caliber impacts.

Arm Yourself With Body Armor Today

It’s time to be prepared and make sure you get home at the end of the day. Body armor is often the only thing between you and a bullet. Be prepared to protect your life in these situations. As sheepdogs currently serving in our community, and veterans who currently use the gear we sell, we trust our lives to it. Find Level IV Kits by Spartan Armor Systems in our store today!