Door Jamm


The Door Jamm is an invaluable and potentially life saving piece of equipment that every first responder and sheepdog should have on their person.



When seconds count, you don’t want to have to worry about how someone is going to get to you. In the past First Responders have used various pieces of trash, tape, or whatever else was laying around to prop open doors and gates. But no more. The Door Jamm was invented by First Responders who saw the problem with “improvising”.  Always have a way to keep the doors and gates that are going to inevitably close behind you from locking. Thus, allowing your back up to quickly and efficiently get to you when SHTF.

Door Jamm: Police Response and Equipment

Police Officers and other First Responders are always improvising with scraps of cardboard, rubber bands and anything else they can find. These “scraps” are used to try and keep doors from closing behind them. But when SHTF it is inevitable that Murphy is not on your side. It is more likely that a well-meaning civilian threw away the “trash” you were using to let your backup get in behind you. With the Door Jamm it is clearly intentional the door is being left open. Hopefully this is a clue to most people and they will leave it alone.

In a Police Response you want to make sure you have the right tool for the job. Add the Door Jamm to your kit today, and have the right tool to keep your back up available when you need them the most. This weatherproof, abrasion resistant material will stretch long enough to fit around just about any security door. Plus, as the Door Jamm has been implemented by various Officers and agencies across the nation we have found that it is even more versatile than originally anticipated.  Safety is paramount in Law Enforcement, so make sure you add this inexpensive tool to your plate carrier, and while you are at it get one for your pocket too.

Door Jamm: First Responder Equipment

The Door Jamm is not just for Police Response. It has many First Responder applications as well. This is a perfect tool for Fire and EMS. As they are always having to go back and forth from their trucks to the patient or fire. Once initial entry is made, instead of having to find the KNOX BOX every time and open the door or gate back up. Place a Door Jamm over the latch and have and easy entry or exit point. Plus when you are done you just pull it off the door on your way out. Now, the Door Jamm is ready for use on your next run.

Sheepdogs and Community First Responder Equipment

Sheepdogs are our Communities First Responders. Typically able to be on scene even before Law Enforcement or Fire/EMS are dispatched. If you are a sheepdog you know the importance of being prepared for when SHTF. You are thinking about scenarios, planning routes, and watching for anomalies in the world around you. As Sheepdogs your responsible for carrying for the flock. Making sure that it all goes home safe at night, you are a community first responder.

As a community first responder you should have the right equipment for the task at hand when SHTF. If you are a responsible armed citizen that is called to respond in a crisis you want to have this piece of equipment. It is the one tool that you can carry easily that will allow the “calvary” to safely and efficiently get into the area where the threat is. While you are tending to your family or flock throw a door jamm on the entry/exit point. Then point the officers arriving on scene in the direction of the easy entry point you have made for them.

Donate a Door Jamm

ROE Tactical is proud to have partnered with several agencies across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond. Allowing officers and agencies to start implementing the Door Jamm as a part of Officer’s Kits. With Officers in Irving PD, Fort Worth PD, Dallas PD, Lewisville PD, DART PD, and Troy PD carrying the Door Jamm as a part of their daily rig. We are continuing to hear success stories of how this tool is improving their lives. If you are interesting in purchasing this potentially life saving tool for an officer, or agency contact for bulk/government pricing.

Agency/Wholesale/Retail Sales

ROE Tactical is proud to have partnered with the manufacture of Door Jamm. We are the sole distributor for Door Jamm in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. We are capable of handling all for retail and agency sale as well as Federal Government Sales. If you are an agency or retail store in one of these States and would like to know more about Agency Sales contact

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