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ROE Tactical has partnered with a highly skilled professional gunsmith to provide you with the best frame modification and stippling packages in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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ROE Tactical is proud to have partnered with one of the best stipplers in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, and the industry. Bringing you superior hand-done stippling, custom frame modification and grip enhancement for any pistol.

Stippling is one of the most beneficial enhancements that one can make to the grip/frame of their firearm. This enhanced grip modification will help you avoid slippage in hot, wet and cold environments. By adding this frame modification to your firearm, you are enhancing your grip for duty, competition, home defense or concealed carry. All while maintaining a professional off the assembly line look. To offer you the best custom grip profile on the market your frame modification includes: a microdot or cross hatch stippling pattern; grip reduction (if requested); single under cut or double undercut; finger groove removal; recoil shelves; and a custom designed thumb shelf that improves overall grip stability.

ROE Tactical utilizes two standard stippling patterns; but customization of the options is available. If there is a portion of the package that you would like modified please add that information to your order notes.  Please call or email for a quote on a customization that goes beyond what is offered in one of these packages.

The Crosshatch Frame Modification Stippling Enhancement:

This package takes your standard production pistol and significantly improves the ergonomics, aesthetics and feel. This frame modification starts with completely sanding down your original pistol and lightly shaping it for a more ergonomic feel. Your Pistol is then finished with the crosshatched stippling pattern, recoil shelves and a double undercut. You will find that the Cross Hatch stippling is an aggressive and effective enhancement to your pistol. This enhancement will significantly improve your grips performance versus the factory grip texture. If you are looking for a more aggressive stippling pattern this frame modification is for you.

  • 360 degree stipple (crosshatch) – which is slightly recessed into the grip to give it a more distinct cut out border
  • Slight grip reduction
  • Finger Groove Reduction or Removal
  • Single or Double Undercut
  • Stippled Indexing Areas
  • Thumb Shelf – Only available on Glock Models
  • Frame Reduction around rear of trigger and trigger guard to reduce “dragging wood”

The MicroDot Stippling Enhancement:

Utilizing the ultrafine microdot stippling method in this frame modification it is the perfect addition to your EDC pistol. The ultrafine microdot is not as aggressive as the crosshatch which makes it less rough when carrying your pistol concealed against your body. This frame modification starts with completely sanding down your original pistol and lightly shaping it for a more ergonomic feel. Your EDC Pistol is then finished with the microdot stippling pattern, recoil shelves and a double undercut. You will find that the MicroDot stippling is a simple yet effective enhancement to your pistol. You will find that it improves your grips performance versus the factory grip texture.

  • 360 degree very fine stipple
  • Slight grip reduction
  • Finger Groove Reduction
  • Single or Double Undercut
  • Indexing areas
  • Thumb Shelf – Only available on Glock Models
  • Frame reduction to the rear of the trigger and trigger guard to reduce “dragging wood”
  • Chopping the frame to fit a shorter magazine type. (G17 to G19 or G19 to G26 ONLY) (additional fee)

If you plan on using a backstrap or magazine well please indicate so in your order notes and include them in your Shipment  if you would like to add a magazine well check out our selection, and we will attach it for you

Frame Modification for other firearms:

Unlike some of our competitors we do not limit ourselves to just modifying the Glock family of Pistols. While the pricing above is for the GLOCK family of pistols, it is applicable to similarly sized firearms as well. If your firearm has a polymer frame or grips, we will be happy to enhance them for you. Because of the design of other brands of firearms there may be limitations to certain frame modifications and enhancements. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us first.

Other firearms/products we have previously worked on include:

  • Smith and Wesson M&P and Shields
  • Walther PPQ
  • Ruger LCP, SR9
  • Sig Pro 2022 and 320
  • Polymer 1911 Grip panels
  • AR-15 Pistol Grips and FVG
  • AK-74 Pistol Grip and Handguard
  • Magpul PMags
  • Rifle/Shotgun Stocks

Magazine Stippling:

Your Glock Sub Frame , Glock Single Stack and S&W Shield packages include 1 magazine. You can add additional magazines for $40ea. To add more than one magazine, please add them to your cart separately using this link.

Add a Custom Logo to your Frame Modification

Not looking for just your standard stippling? Want to add an additional bit of you to your custom pistol? Our professional Dallas Forth Worth based gunsmith can add a basic custom logo to your stippling for a little bit more.  An average basic logo adds $50-100 to your package cost. For pricing please contact the shop first, it helps if you include the logo, thanks.

Frame Modification - Micro Dot Stippling w/ Logo

Military and First Responder Discounts Available to all verified accounts.

*This is not a comprehensive list nor limited in anyway. If you have something not listed above, please message or call us and we can discuss what ROE Tactical can do to enhance your firearm.

**If you plan on shipping your firearm to ROE Tactical to have it enhanced please include a copy of your drivers license.  Please note that your firearm can only be shipped back to the person and address that it came from. Your package price does not include return shipping and will be added in checkout. You are responsible for shipping the gun to us, thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns about mailing your firearm, please email for assistance.

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CZ P7/P9/P10C, Glock Mid-Size Frame, Glock Single Stack, Glock Standard Size Frame, Glock Sub-Frame, HK VP9, S&W M&P, S&W Shield, Sig Sauer 250/320, STI 2011

Frame Modification Package

Cross Hatch Stippling, Micro Dot Stippling

Frame Chop

Mid-Sized to Sub-Frame Size, None, Standard Size to Mid-Size

Thumb Shelf

No/Not Applicable, Yes


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