Tactical Body Armor

There are many different scenarios that call for different types of armor. It is crucial to have the right solutions to fit the situation ahead of you. Whether you are in law enforcement or the military, you’ll have different needs than the average civilian. If you are looking into tactical-grade body armor, we can provide you with the gear you need to get the job done.

ROE Tactical was established in 2016 by combat veterans who continue to serve as police officers. We aim to provide officers and soldiers with protective apparel that can keep them safe when on duty. We carry body armor that is designed to equip operators with protection while maintaining mobility. Here is a look at the tactical body armor we have available.

Tactical Vests

“Bullet proof” or armored vests have been introduced to law enforcement to provide better protection without restricting movement for decades. The term “bullet proof”, though popular in movies, is somewhat misleading because no single piece of equipment is fail-safe. Simply put, armored vests are designed to minimize the possibility of injury from a gunshot wound to the vital organs. Over the years, these vests have become lighter and easier to wear and there are now multiple combinations of tactical materials to choose from. The vests and plate carriers designed for tactical situations are designed to be as light and adjustable as possible in order to give the wearer a full range of motion while covering the most vital portions of the human body.

We carry tactical vests that can be worn over uniforms without experiencing any discomfort.

Soft body armor has dramatically improved the safety of law enforcement because it is much easier to wear for long periods of time. These days, daily protection from gunshots is unfortunately very necessary. Here is a look at some of the options we have for those in police or military service.

Police Vest

In situations when you have to keep your identity secret because you are undercover, there may be a need for armor that can be concealed. In this case, concealable body armor gives officers the option to protect their vitals without being noticed. This type of armor can be hidden under a shirt without being seen.

We carry a couple different options for concealable armor. We offer the AR500 Concealable Body Armor Kit and Concealment Armor Carrier for Spartan Armor Systems. These options give law enforcement an incredibly light option for armor that is easily hidden by your clothing. Concealed vests can be a perfect solution for police vests.

Military Body Armor

Often there is a need for more heavy-duty protection while maintaining as much mobility as possible. Soldiers often have to carry a heavy kit while on duty, so it is important to equip them with armor that doesn’t slow them down or restrict their movement. We therefore offer plate carriers with a variety of cuts and levels of inserts that are designed to handle heavier impacts.

We have a great selection of military grade solutions, including Spartan BCS Shooters Cut Plate Carrier, Spartan Armor Systems BCS Swimmers Cut Plate Carrier, Rifle Armor Kit, and Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier. Whatever your specific needs are, we will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for the situation you are in.

Get Body Armor From ROE Tactical

Our tactical body armor offers excellent protection and movement for law enforcement and military. We have on field experience that allows us to understand your needs and offer the best options for any scenario. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions, you can click here or give us a call at 972.885.9003!